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BOOM! Hi on Nature just unleashed their newest creation - Our 3rd generation knockout blend - KO3! We’re talking lightning fast activation, a shockingly sour punch to the taste buds, and a heavy hit that will leave you floating in the clouds. This new Knockout Blend is the result of months of intense research and development, and it’s exclusively available at Hi on Nature.

5000mg per package!
10 sour belts per package, 500mg per sour belt!

KO3 Shockwaves contain a powerful THC-P blend that includes CB+ activators for a quick-onset and prolonged experience. Get ready to rumble because KO3 hits faster, tastes better, and f*cks harder. Crafted from premium Farm Bill compliant West Coast hemp and diligently quality controlled to ensure each candy is properly dosed, we give you the GOAT high every time.

Magic Rainbow is a colorful flavor explosion of Green Apple, Strawberry, Blue Raspberry, and Tutti Frutti

Warning: the effects of this product may be stronger than you expect. Start with ⅛ belt or less to determine your tolerance. If you’re unsure of the appropriate dose for you, try one of Hi on Nature's other gummies instead.

Our Knockout Blend contains Delta 8, HHC, THC-P, CB+ activators such as CBC and CBDv for quicker onset and is completely acetate free!

Please enjoy responsibly and keep out of reach of children. You must be 21 years or older to purchase and use.

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D8 Electric Lemonade, D8 Red Lightning, D8 Tropical Thunder, KO3 Apple Pucker, KO3 Cloud Nine, KO3 Electric Lemonade, KO3 Magic Rainbow, KO3 Red Lightning, KO3 Tropical Thunder, KO3 Mystery Flavor, KO3 Mystery Flavor Jar (30pk)

D8 Shockwaves | Electric Lemonade

Batch: 14614 Exp: 03/25

Batch: 14602 Exp: 03/24

D8 Shockwaves | Red Lightning

Batch: 14714 Exp: 03/25

Batch: 14702 Exp: 03/24

D8 Shockwaves | Tropical Thunder

Batch: 14814 Exp: 03/25

Batch: 14802 Exp: 03/24

KO3 Shockwaves | Apple Pucker

Batch: 14914 Exp: 03/25

Batch: 14913 Exp: 02/25

KO3 Shockwaves | Cloud 9

Batch: 15014 Exp: 03/25

Batch: 15013 Exp: 02/25

KO3 Shockwaves | Electric Lemonade

Batch: 15113 Exp: 02/25

KO3 Shockwaves | Magic Rainbow

Batch: 15213 Exp: 02/25

KO3 Shockwaves | Red Lightning

Batch: 15314 Exp: 03/25

Batch: 15313 Exp: 02/25

KO3 Shockwaves | Tropical Thunder

Batch: 15413 Exp: 02/25

KO3 Shockwaves | Mystery Flavor

Batch: 15508 Exp: 09/24

KO3 Shockwaves | Mystery Flavor Jar (30pk)

Batch: 15508 Exp: 09/24

Product Specifications

Total HHC, THC-P, D8 Content 5000mg
Total Content Per Sour Belt 500mg
Sour Belts per Pack 10
Recommended Serving Size 1/8 Sour Belt
Container Resealable child proof Mylar bags
Ingredients Sugar, glucose-fructose corn syrup, wheat flour, hemp-derived cannabinoid oil, malic acid, dextrose, palm oil, citric acid, artificial flavors, artificial colors: (FD&C Blue 1, FD&C Red 40, titanium dioxide), turmeric oleoresin (color), ascorbic acid tocopherols CONTAINS WHEAT
Extraction Material Farm Bill Compliant Hemp
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