In a world full of stress, say hi to a new kind of chill

About Us

Hi on Nature is a group of friends and family who see the potential of novel cannabinoids and seek to introduce them to people across the country.

For full transparency and compliance, each of our products comes marked with a scannable QR code linked to a lab testing report and certificate of analysis. Our Delta-8 THC is naturally derived from premium west coast hemp and we meticulously test at a third-party multi-accredited facility.

All the recipes for our terpene-rich products are crafted in-house with a proprietary dosing method. We pride ourselves on providing an experience that is both delicious and predictable. Safety and consistency are at the core of our manufacturing process and we proudly don't cut corners when it comes to providing premium, compliant, feel-good products.

Our Story

The passing of the Farm Bill marks an extraordinary moment in history, allowing the wide variety of cannabinoids present in the hemp plant to be legally explored and enjoyed.

In an industry where most companies are solely focused on their bottom line, we source from our family-owned west coast hemp farm and value "giving back" as part of our company culture.

Our purpose stems from our respect for nature as a powerful force that creates life and provides us with the tools to live it to its fullest. This makes us committed to contributing toward the protection of our shared environment through eco-friendly business practices and special initiatives.

Our Commitment


Uniquely crafted recipes
Premium, west coast hemp flower
Proprietary dosing method to guarantee accuracy


Third-party multi-accredited testing facility
No Vitamin E Acetate or other harmful fillers
We use our own products on a regular basis


Child resistant product packaging
Commitment to employee well-being