The Delta 8 Starter Kit

Just starting out in your Delta 8 journey? Let Cub Scouts be the first guide to your hi. Once you master that skill, move on to all the delicious, mouth-watering 300mg gummies for a stronger ride.

Starter Kit Bundle

Nature's Neon Party

Time to rave! You won’t even need glow sticks when you try our rad assortment in this Neon Party. Combining the best of our Knockout Blend, Delta 8, and HHC. You can choose your adventure for the ultimate hi!

Nature's Neon Party Bundle

The Heavy Hitters

These heavy hitters are ready to rumble! Extra large with a premium HHC blend for a long lasting, intense hi. These flavors do not disappoint so grab all 6 for a hefty discount while you can!

Heavy Hitters Bundle

The Ultimate Knockout

Ready for the title fight, champ? Make sure you've been training before you step in the ring. These incredibly potent Shockwaves are called Knockout for a reason. Enjoy your victory on the couch all weekend!

Ultimate Knockout Bundle