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Slip into a delightful daydream with this tart and tasty treat. It may take you back to your childhood mall days of sipping on an orange cream milkshake. Wherever it takes you, this hybrid HHC cocktail blend will have you feeling youthful and energetic.

Hi on Nature's HHC cocktail is for committed users who want to rocket to the moon! It is a custom-developed blend designed to deliver the strongest effects of any vape by combining  9R-HHC, THC-P, THC-H, THC-JD, and CBN with Live Resin and high quality terpenes.

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D8+P Cannatonic, D8+P Forbidden Fruit, D8+P Orange Cream, D8+P Red Bull, D8+P Slurricane, D8+P Thunderf*ck, HHC Cannatonic, HHC Forbidden Fruit, HHC Orange Cream, HHC Red Bull, HHC Slurricane, HHC Thunderf*ck, One Hit Wonder Titty Twister, One Hit Wonder Dirty Shirley, One Hit Wonder Purple Nurple

D8+P Vapes | Cannatonic

Batch: 18103 Exp: 04/24

Batch: 18114 Exp: 03/25


D8+P Vapes | Forbidden Fruit

Batch: 18203 Exp: 04/24

Batch: 18214 Exp: 03/25

D8+P Vapes | Orange Cream

Batch: 18303 Exp: 04/24

Batch: 18314 Exp: 03/25


D8+P Vapes | Red Bull

Batch: 18403 Exp: 04/24

Batch: 18414 Exp: 03/25


D8+P Vapes | Slurricane

Batch: 18503 Exp: 04/24

Batch: 18514 Exp: 03/25


D8+P Vapes | Thunderf*ck

Batch: 18603 Exp: 04/24

Batch: 18614 Exp: 03/25


HHC Vapes | Cannatonic

Batch: 18706 Exp: 07/24


HHC Vapes | Forbidden Fruit

Batch: 18806 Exp: 07/24


HHC Vapes | Orange Cream

Batch: 18906 Exp: 07/24


HHC Vapes | Red Bull

Batch: 19006 Exp: 07/24


HHC Vapes | Slurricane

Batch: 19106 Exp: 07/24


HHC Vapes | Thunderf*ck

Batch: 19206 Exp: 07/24


One Hit Wonder | Titty Twister

Batch: 19606 Exp: 07/24


One Hit Wonder | Dirty Shirley

Batch: 19606 Exp: 07/24

One Hit Wonder | Purple Nurple

Batch: 19606 Exp: 07/24

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