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10mg Muscimol Gummies 2 pc - Prism Break - Strawberry

10mg Muscimol Gummies 2 pc - Prism Break - Strawberry

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WANTED! These magical mushroom gummies are on the loose.

Each gummy contains 5mg of concentrate equal to 2000mg of Amanita Muscaria! But fear not, our concentrate is free from any unwanted compounds such as Ibotenic Acid.

These captivating vegan strawberry delights will transport you to a mystical world where Muscimol, D9 and CBD ignite. Armed with natural fruit puree, they offer an unparalleled taste escapade.

If they seek refuge in the confines of your mind, alert the populace.

5mg of Muscimol concentrate per gummy
10mg per package

Caution: effects may surface after 4 hours, lingering up to 24 hours.

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