Can Delta 8 Get You High?

Can Delta 8 Get You High?

In the 10 years since Colorado legalized cannabis, only 17 other states have followed suit.  How long do we have to wait to get legally buzzed? Well, with Delta 8 THC, you may not have to. So what exactly is Delta 8, and more importantly, can Delta 8 get you high? 

What is Delta 8?

Delta 8 THC is a cannabinoid in the same family as its more famous cousin, Delta 9 THC. So if you’re lucky enough to live in a legal state and have ever bought from a recreational dispensary, what you purchased were (most likely) Delta 9 THC products. 

Like Delta 9, Delta 8 THC can be found in the cannabis plant. But it is found in far higher quantities in hemp, much like CBD. This presence in hemp is how Delta 8 secures its legal status. 

Is Delta 8 Legal?

Delta 8 is legal on a federal level due to legislation legalizing hemp in 2018. The Federal Farm Bill dictates that any hemp product, provided it has less than 0.3% Delta 9 THC, is legal for manufacturing, sale, and consumption. Delta 8 falls under the definition of a hemp product. Despite this, 19 states have seen fit to reduce or prohibit Delta 8 in one way or another.

Find out what states Delta 8 is currently legal in here.

Is Delta 8 Safe? 

Yes, as long as you purchase your Delta 8 from a reputable source, it is safe for consumption. Most Delta 8 is synthesized from hemp and CBD using safe solvents. These solvents are removed from the final product.

A good source of Delta 8 will provide proof of lab results or a quality assurance certificate; This is so you can be confident that the products you are consuming are safe. 

So, Can Delta 8 Get You High? 

Much like Delta 9 cannabis, Delta 8 THC can absolutely get you high. Looking at reviews of Delta 8 products, experiences users have posted online, and effects reported by manufacturers, Delta 8 has the ability to effect everyone in different ways.

As with Delta 9, Delta 8 can give you some negative side effects if you overindulge.  But Delta 8 users found that they experienced those adverse side effects far less often and only if they exceeded recommended dosages.

The significant difference users reported between Delta 8 and 9 high is that Delta 8 “feels lighter” and doesn’t sap as much motivation or energy. How high you get on Delta 8 depends mainly on dosage and method of consumption.

How Do You Get High on Delta 8?

That depends on your preferred method of ingestion. Delta 8 can be rolled up in a joint, smoked out of a pipe, taken in a dab, eaten in an edible; You name it, Delta 8 can do it. Hi On Nature has several good collections of Delta 8 products, including: 

Will Delta 8 Show up on a Drug Test?

While Delta 8 THC can show up on a drug test, it’s less likely to do so than Delta 9 THC. This is because Delta 8 has a shorter half-life than Delta 9, so it stays in your system for less time than regular cannabis would. 

That being said, if you are a heavy user of Delta 8, don’t risk failing by using close to a drug test. Instead, make sure to take a break for a couple of weeks before your test and drink plenty of fluids to flush out your system. Exercise can also help, as THC tends to bind to fat cells. 

Where Can I Buy Delta 8?

You can buy well-tested and potent products online from Hi On Nature. At Hi On Nature, we see the potential in all cannabinoids and believe that Delta 8 THC is the future. We use only the finest Delta 8 THC, naturally derived from premium hemp plants. Accredited facilities meticulously test all of our products, and safety is the heart of our manufacturing process. 

Hi On Nature values sustainability, and we have pledged to create 100% eco-friendly packaging by 2021. Nature allows us to get high, and we want to return the favor by doing everything we can to help restore our planet’s health. 

If you need cannabis for any purpose but aren’t in a legal state, there’s no need to wait. Try Delta 8 today!

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