What Delta-8-THC Products to Choose?

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Delta 8 products come in many forms and you may be wondering which ones best fit with your lifestyle. Whether you enjoy them in any fashion, or prefer to stick to one or two types, all of our products are designed to have similar effects. However, the duration and intensity of these effects may vary depending on the type of product and dose. 

While Delta 8 affects everyone differently, just like CBD and traditional THC, we have done our research and listened to your reviews to see what experiences and outcomes are most common with each product to deliver an educated recommendation on dosage. Let’s break it down.

Delta-8-THC Edibles

Delta 8 edibles vary by strength. Hi on Nature gummies have 250mg total Delta 8 content in our standard bag size. What distinguishes our edibles from other brands is that we have a wide variety of delicious, heat stable flavors and sizes such as sour watermelon and peach rings. You will see some bags have a 5 count total with 50mg per gummy or a 10 count total with 25mg per gummy. 

The most standard single dosage seen from suppliers is 25mg. Your dose will be based on your own tolerance. If you are new to Delta 8 or worried about taking too much, we recommend starting with a half dose at about 12.5mg or even a quarter dose at 6.25mg.

In addition to our standard sizes, we incorporated bolder options for our most daring and adventurous customers. This includes a bag of giant worms that has 1000mg total Delta 8 content. 

Delta 8 edibles take some time to take effect, just like CBD or traditional THC edibles. It can take anywhere from 30-90 minutes to feel the full effects. If you ingest the edibles and don’t feel it’s effects, try eating some food to get your metabolism started and kick the Delta 8 into your system. Be aware that these effects of edibles often last longer than some other Delta 8 products. You should plan to feel the effects for anywhere from 4-8 hours, according to our research. However, our customers report a more preferable and less paranoid experience compared to traditional THC edibles.

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Delta-8-THC Vape Cartridges

Vape cartridges can vary by sensation, flavor, and aroma as a result of terpene profiles being introduced. Terpenes are also known to enhance the high and therapeutic sensations through the entourage effect. HI On Nature cartridges are characterized as indica, sativa, and hybrid and each contain 1g of hemp derived Delta-8-THC per cart. The cartridges are blended in-house using the high quality terpenes formulated by our flavor Chemist. 

Some of our customers enjoy the sensation of smoking, which allows them to control their dose over an extended period of time. This means they can vape slowly for a more subtle and prolonged experience or simply take more puffs at a time to increase intensity. 

Vape Cartridges are the quickest delivery method as well as the easiest to control. Our customers report that 1-3 puffs give you the instant Delta 8 effects that you are looking for. You’ll know right away if it’s time to slow down or continue on. Some of our audacious customers even say they vape to help their edibles kick in faster and harder. 

Vaping alone is highly unlikely to cause effects that last as long edibles. Depending on the amount of puffs, people report the effect lasting from 30 minutes to a couple of hours.

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Delta-8-THC Tinctures

Tinctures are common in CBD products. Due to their ease of ingestion, they are becoming more sought after in the Delta 8 market. You can simply apply the tincture to your tongue, drop it into your drink, or dose into a yummy recipe. 

Hemp derived Delta 8 THC tinctures in multiple flavors

HI On Nature tinctures vary by distinct mouthwatering flavors that capture exactly what they are representing, such as a perfectly ripened mango or your favorite local chai tea latte. Every bottle contains 300 mg of hemp derived Delta-8-THC, with a 30ml serving size. 

Tinctures are ideal for someone who is looking for something longer lasting than vaping but doesn’t take as long to kick in as edibles. On average, our customers say they feel the effect in about 15-30 minutes and the duration lasts about 4-8 hours. Again, if you don’t feel any effects in the given timeframe, take a little food with your tincture to help digest and get the Delta 8 working through your body. 

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Which Delta 8 Product is Right for Me? 

The Ideal Delta 8 product will vary from person to person. All of them offer effects that are consistent with feeling a favorable high with less to no paranoia compared to traditional Delta-9-THC, according to our customer experiences and testimonials. 

Vape cartridges are instantaneous and easier to control your dose while edibles provide a more hard hitting experience for a longer period of time. Tinctures fall somewhere in the middle of vape cartridges and edibles in terms of duration and experience.

While most users currently prefer to consume Delta 8 edibles and vape cartridges, we are seeing a rising preference to tinctures as they are becoming more common in the Delta 8 world. Whatever method you chose, let us lift you with us!

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