Things To Do While "Hi" On Delta-8-THC

Things To Do While "Hi" On Delta-8-THC

Hi there! Whether you have our products already in hand, are considering purchasing, or are just here to learn more about the beneficial properties of Delta 8 THC, we’re happy you’re here. In addition to questions our team receives around the science behind Delta 8, proper dosing, and sourcing, we also find ourselves having conversations around how to incorporate Delta 8 in our day to day activities. What we love about Delta 8 is its versatility and ability to produce a “hi” without the anxiety, paranoia, or intensity that we often feel with Delta 9. We spoke a little bit about our favorite benefits in a previous article, but wanted to dive deeper into use cases and favorite activities to enjoy- both alone and in company- after consuming D8. 

Delta-8 known for stimulating appetites while reducing nausea, and has been studies as a means to treat eating disorders and weight loss. Even if you don’t suffer from these conditions, we love Delta 8 as a way to really savor the foods and beverages we eat. Not only does it increase appetite, but it can heighten senses in different ways for each user. Try stocking up on your favorite snacks, hosting a dinner party with friends (perhaps potluck style, no pun intended), or concocting new recipes while the creative juices are flowing. We never need an excuse to indulge in delicious food, but Delta 8 THC definitely adds fuel to want to.

Working Out
Indulging in food and working out are not mutually exclusive, but a perhaps less additive activity to engage in with D8 is working out. A 2015 study by Angela Bryan, professor of neuroscience at University of Colorado Boulder, initially sought out to survey cannabis users to conclude if increased cannabis use will take a physical toll on users, leaning in to the “couch potato” stereotype. She instead found that 70% of users said consuming cannabis made them more excited to workout, even citing prolonged performance, particularly in cardiovascular activities like running. Additionally, Delta 8 is known for anti-inflammatory properties, which can help with muscle recovery post workout, making consumption an interesting way to increase enthusiasm and benefits of exercise. Runners hi anyone?

Working or Studying
A positive reaction to Delta 8 is its ability to help users maintain greater mental control and clarity. A “hi” without being completely intoxicated or consumed in the experience, if you will. And many report mental stimulation. Try studying or getting some work done and experiencing what a functional high feels like. A lot of hurdles around working can be a result of anxiety associated with the activity, and perhaps by treating those sentiments we can experience more productive working or studying sessions. While there are no studies that indicate Delta 8 as being a cannabinoid that specifically aids focus, studies show that consuming D8 has neuroprotective properties, and can aid in long term cognition, memory, and neuroplasticity due to its ability to produce acetylcholine, a neurotransmitter. We suggest smaller doses of D8 to start and test improved productivity and focus. 

Writing or Painting
We had to throw a creative activity in- the euphoria and sensory stimulation induced of Delta 8 is advantageous for creativity and exploration in any form. Consider the creative tasks you enjoy regularly and what the experience is like after consuming Delta 8. Or, if you’re not a typically “artistic” person, think of a few activities you’ve always wanted to try but for whatever reason have yet to. Paint with friends, try tackling a creative writing prompt, give pottery a try, anything to take advantage of those creative juices!

Lastly but certainly not least, D8 is an incredible tool to promote a sense of deep relaxation. With anxiolytic properties that help ease stress and anxiety, Delta 8 is often used before bedtime or anytime throughout the day where a greater sense of calm is needed. We love a few puffs of our Delta 8 THC vape before a bath, watching a movie, or just enjoying the company of friends and family without distractions or tension. Get cozy and enjoy. 

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